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3D Printing - Part Design - Urethane / Silicone Castings

Rapid Prototyping Services with Mina Product Development


Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software files, Mina Product's ​rapid prototyping services can create physical models using 3D Printing as a cost effective solution with a quick turnaround. If your project requires a more "finished" look, we also offer silicone and urethane casting which produces low volume production grade parts. 


Depending on part complexity, we can help design and print your prototype in as little as 3 days for 3D printing and 2 weeks for urethane or silicone casting.


Test Your Ideas, Fabricate Your Prototype

By taking advantage of our rapid prototyping services, you can quickly print and review the look and feel of your product. 3D printing your prototype not only saves time and money, but also helps you decide on design revisions.


When you have a physical prototype in hand, you can work to eliminate ambiguities and inaccuracies.

​Prototyping a product allows you to:

  • Gather more accurate requirements that reduce rework later in the development cycle.

  • Technically understand the problem by examining a functional prototype so that you can identify and address both the foreseen and unforeseen technical challenges.

  • Settle conflicts concerning difference of opinions by helping your team to better understand the product. 

RTV Silicone 

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Design Assistance

Specializing in "Design for Manufacturing" 

SolidWorks / CAD Expertise


3D Printing

3D printing with Stereolithography (SLA) & Fused Deposition Molding (FDM) technology


Urethane Products

Can be Color Matched
Wide Variety of Materials & Textures
Excellent Substitute for Injection Molding (low volumes)


Silicone Parts

Production Quality Silicone Parts

Low to Medium Volume Orders

Research and Development

Proof of Concept

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3020 Red Hill Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92626  |  Tel: 714-966-2150

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