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Domestic Injection Molding

Low to high volume production, bridge tooling, mold making


Orange County Injection Molding

At Mina Product Development we have experience injection molding parts for a wide variety of applications, including electrical, mechanical, and medical devices.


We regularly injection mold device housings and enclosures for electronic assemblies as well as components with complex geometries. 


At Mina Product Development there is no minimum order and we machine our injection tools in-house.


  • Mass Production

  • Aerospace Components

  • Computer Electronics​​

  • Engineering Prototypes​

  • Assemblies

  • Avionics Components

  • ​Automotive Parts

  • Instrumentation

  • Medical & Dental Products

  • Encapsulations

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In-House Tooling, Domestic Tool Fabrication

Through injection molding Mina Products is able to provide: low price per part, high production rates, short molding cycles (dependent on mold complexity/design), tight tolerances and part uniformity.

Our in-house mold designers and tool makers provide insight and clarity when evaluating new projects. With hundreds of injection molds created to date, we're confident in our ability to meet the standards of your industry or market.

Part Design Assistance and Fabrication

 We offer injection molding services including assistance with product design to reduce costs and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for sophisticated, expensive tooling from the design phase.

As stated, injection molding can be used to make intricate plastic gears for use in a variety of machinery applications as well as custom parts for specific applications such as medical devices, consumer plastic housings, or military components.

Injection Molding

Domestic Manufacturing and Injection Molding in the United States of America

The recent expansion of domestic production of injection molds and other injection-molding components is predicted to lead to an increase in demand for all types of parts, equipment, and machinery necessary for American businesses to operate at full capacity. 

Companies like Mina Product Development are better suited to respond to domestic customer's needs and can often build products faster than overseas vendors, as well as deliver on tight timelines, which leads to higher profit margins.


Domestic manufacturing also works well for a small startup business or an entrepreneur who wants to quickly test out a product before production.

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