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Domestic Injection Molding

Low to high volume production, bridge tooling, mold making



Located in Southern Orange County, Mina Product Development has been manufacturing injection molds and plastic molded products for over 20 years. 

Capabilities include: 

  • Plastic, TPE, TPU part fabrication

  • Mold design

  • Part analysis and prototype fabrication

  • Prototype molding & mass production

  • Finishing & ultrasonic welding

  • Insert molding


  • Medical Devices

  • Consumer Products

  • Packaging

  • Automotive

  • Military 

  • Aerospace Structural and Systems

  • Instrumentation

  • High Volume Production 

  • Encapsulations

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Plastic Manufacturing Services

At Mina Product Development, we specialize in providing injection molding solutions that meet the needs of businesses, regardless of their size. Our focus is on providing a domestic injection molding solution in a timely and cost-effective manner. 


As a product development firm we work with our clients from concept to finished product through various stages such as: Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Proof of Concept, Validation / Testing, and Commercialization.

Our injection molds are quoted on in-house mold bases saving time and thousands in additional costs.

Injection Molding & Product Development

As a leading plastic parts manufacturer, we strive to provide a wide variety of services for our customers, from expert part engineering to high-quality final production. Wherever you find yourself in the production cycle we offer flexible solutions to help you streamline your supply chain and reduce costs.

Additional Molding Options


Multi-cavity injection molds increase production efficiency and reduce costs by fabricating more parts with each shot cycle. The more cavities your mold has the cheaper your individual part price. Multi-cavity molds are particularly useful for high-volume production runs, where time and cost savings are critical. 


Insert molding is a process to create complex parts with intricate shapes and features that would otherwise be impossible to manufacture. This molding process is ideal for the production of parts that require additional functionality, such as electrical or mechanical components, as these components can be integrated into the mold during the injection process.


Family molding is a molding process that is designed to produce multiple related parts in a single cycle. These parts may have different shapes or features. Family molds are an effective way to save money on tooling since you're producing all related parts in a single mold. Parts are recommended to be similar size, weight and material.

Medical Device Manufacturing


Expertise in Medical Device Components

We are ISO13485 certified, specializing in high-quality plastic parts for medical devices and prototypes. We create components via polyurethane/silicone casting and injection molding of thermoplastics like PC, PP, ABS, Acetal.



Our in-house screw machine fabricates large volumes of single-use parts and implantables cost-effectively. It handles parts up to Ø.750". Services include making titanium screws, plastic adaptors, and dental components.


Device Housings and Enclosures

Mina Product Development makes plastic housings for medical devices, protecting electronics and ensuring easy cleaning. We design housings for pumps, monitors, electronic devices, and diagnostic equipment to list a few.


Custom Plastic Molding

We offer comprehensive design and prototyping services to ensure your parts meet all requirements before full-scale production. We utilize SolidWorks CAD software and 3D printing for prototyping.

Southern California Custom Medical Manufacturing 

Our services include manufacturing of diverse medical parts, including implantables, surgical instrument components, and intricate assemblies. We can meet biocompatibility and sterilization requirements, ensuring that our products exceed customer expectations. 

3D Printing Conceptual Design

Prototyping Product Assembly

Final Manufacturing

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Prototyping Assemblies.jpg

Or Call: 714-966-2150

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Additional Services

  • Polyurethane Casting

  • Precision CNC machining

  • Compression molding of silicone/rubber

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

  • Prototyping services including 3D Printing

  • Painting and finishing

  • Welding and assembly

Plastic Part Fabrication: Injection Molds, Urethane Casting, Silicone Parts

Our Polyurethane & Silicone Casting service is a manufacturing solution for those looking to review and test their products before moving to injection molding as well as to fulfill low volume production orders within weeks. Mina Product Development specializes in crafting custom polyurethane assemblies and components with the ability to paint with color fast material. Urethane casting is also a viable solution for overmolding and insert molding applications.

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Urethane Products

About Mina Product Development

Mina Product Development Co., Inc. has provided comprehensive product development services to the greater Southern California area since 1987. We offer personalized service and support for projects through all phases of product development from conceptual design and engineering, functional prototyping and testing, low / high volume tooling, to final volume manufacturing and assembly.​ As a seasoned manufacturer, Mina Product Development fosters enhanced product viability and superb quality while considering time constraints and cost­ effectiveness. We actively support the effort to keep U.S. manufacturing as a feasible option.

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