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Silicone Parts

 Providing end-use, rigid plastic, rubber, and silicone parts with production-level quality since 1987

Fabrication Versatility

Mina Product Development can silicone cast or compression mold low to high volume projects. We have a wide variety of materials available at our disposal including: Shore A, Shore D, Conductive, and More.

Silicone Molds

We provide silicone mold fabrication services. This process includes 3D printed master patterns to silicone molds for prototypes and low volume production parts. We can cast both silicone and polyurethane materials.


We are an ISO 13485 and 9001 certified business. All of our projects require strict record keeping. Material certs, ROHS compliance, and FA documents available.

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No Minimum

There is no minimum order when fabricating silicone prototypes or proof of concept parts. We have completed a wide variety of projects from army/navy components to custom seals and gaskets for both the medical and science industries.


Medical Prototypes

At Mina Product Development we specialize in RTV silicone molds and cast urethane products for the medical & science industries. Cast urethane products are nearly identical to their injection molded counterparts, can be color matched, and will save you thousands on tooling. 

  • Cast urethane provides quality parts at low to medium volumes

  • Custom Colors and Finishes

  • Ability to fabricate complex designs and features


Low Volume Production

Consumer Products for production and prototyping purposes. 


Wide Variety of Applications

Fit and Function, Proof of Concept, Sales Models


Quick Turn

Dependent on part complexity, first articles in as short as 10 days.

Urethane Casting

How it Works

(Poly)Urethane casting is a method of manufacturing custom parts that are made by injecting urethane into a silicone mold. Molds are made by 3D printing a master pattern(s), then using those patterns to create cavities which we then pour silicone or urethane into. 

What Can You Make?

You can urethane or silicone cast almost any shape in our custom molds. We have fabricated fully functioning medical prototypes to clear overmolded components used for military and scientific applications. 


Our silicone molds have a lifespan of anywhere from 20-30 parts, dependent upon part geometry and material selected. Our urethane casted parts can be sanded and painted, and can even withstand the installation of plastic or metal inserts.

Silicone and Urethane Parts

500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158


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