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CNC Machine Shop Service

Our services include: Fabrication of injection and compression molds, drilling, turning, and milling of plastic and metal alloys. 


Metal fabrication: We most commonly machine steel and aluminum. Projects include a wide variety of custom parts – from small components to large assemblies.


Quick Turn R&D Projects

At Mina Product Development we have the capability to machine precision parts and components. Our expertise is in manufacturing CNC machined parts quickly, and keeping costs down for both small and large volume orders. We have 30+ years of experience providing manufacturing services to all of Orange County.

Assembly Components

We provide rapid CNC prototypes, small-batch machining, and can assist with a wide variety of projects no matter the product development stage. No minimum orders with both lathes, mills, and screw machines at our services.

Prototype & Production Molds

Prototype injection molds are used to create a prototype of the product. These molds are made from plastic and can be used for various purposes such as making prototypes, production models or even tooling for machinery. The main purpose of these molds is to create an exact replica of the final product. They can also be used to test new designs and shapes before they go into mass production


3020 Red Hill Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, USA

(714) 966-2150

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